+ About us

Welcome to Making Faces NZ. I am a Wellington based mum of 3 children who have been my canvas for 9 years. I originally was self-taught in face painting however in 2017 I decided to take what I love doing to the next level, and attended a professional face painters course, which built on my skill set and gave me a real passion for painting and thus Making Faces NZ was born.

The Making Faces NZ family has been rapidly growing ever since, and now we have a team of 7 wonderful painters

We love Art and kids love face painting so for us this is a dream job. We love designing and transferring a child’s dream design or favourite character on to their face, and my favourite part is the reveal.

We use top quality paints and bio glitter, meaning our product is safe on most skin types and kind on the environment. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thankyou for visiting and supporting local, Tina, Jemma, Jen, Harley, Christina, Rylee & Rafa